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Laze around on your swimming-pool or on the sea,on a soft non water absorbing mattress very confortable, that can float in all safety. It’s going to change your idleness!


Thanks to a manufacturing process floating foam mattress added to very confortable foam mattress, you will appreciate to be in rest in all peace of mind.


Upholstered with an all-weather resistant fabric,that dry so fast.You can wash it with a water jet or in washing machine. You can do well of your « sunny bed » on the pool side or on the beach.


It’s finished time to change your floating bed every year… #POOLBED = guarantee in the lasting quality!

Le #PoolBed

Shooting photos :  Laura ABOU, Championne du Monde Equitation CSO amateur 2017

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   -Completely removable cover

   -Bed’s cover is in acrylic fabric especially for outdoor

   -washing in machine 

   -very good stability on the water

   -Resist UV ,chlorine and salt water

   -2 products in 1:beach mattress or floating bed

   -4 available colors:charcoal grey, white, yellow, turquoise(blue)

   -Possibility to buy only the cover in order to change with your mood

  -Measurement: 180X60 cms-H20 CMS

  -Weight:9 kgs


Standard with NF ISO 25649-1 to 7-

Group of inside foam rubber patented technique


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