Create a cocooning outdoor space: 6 COZIP ideas to feel good at home!

The sunny days are coming... and your exterior will become the heart of your “home”! It is therefore important to make it as pleasant as possible and to create spaces of softness and well-being for a cocoon of calm and disconnection. Whether for a terrace, a balcony, a garden, a poolside… discover 6 COZIP ideas to create a cocooning space outdoors.


1. Define and delimit spaces

To best arrange outdoor spaces and exploit their potential, it is important to define them: a sofa area for entertaining? A table for lunch? Outdoor beds for moments of rest?

To do this, you must take into account the available surface area, fixed elements (wall, planter, path, garden shed, etc.), areas of sunshine or shade, while maintaining smooth circulation. Once this inventory has been completed, you will need to focus on the choice of furniture and accessories to set the tone for each space.



2. Create a space with modular sofas for entertaining


Choose the size of your outdoor sofa depends on the space you have but also on your usage habits. Small, large, chaise longue, coffee table…


We advise you to favor a modular sofa, without forgetting the outdoor poufs : they will allow you, without taking up too much space, to increase the number of seats. Don't neglect the materials either: your sofa must be solid and durable and ready to withstand bad weather, heat or UV rays!


At COZIP we have designed a range of outdoor sofas made up of different adjustable modules, in order to create moving spaces according to the desires and the number of guests.

The MOULIN Collection, in collaboration with Sandra SISLEY The SERENA range in beige

3. Create a relaxation space with an outdoor bed


What could be better than relaxing, daydreaming, reading a book on an outdoor bed!

Best ally for


your rest space, the size of your bed should not be chosen at random: single bed, double bed, round bed, etc.


The double Bed JUSTINE, in collaboration with Justine Gallice


At Cozip we offer outdoor beds of all sizes to meet all desires! Lightweight, you can easily move them in the sun or shade.


The JUNG bed

4. Multiply the cushions


In addition to the comfort they provide, they give a real look to your outdoor space! Whether printed, patterned or solid colors, the cushions will highlight and add a real decorative touch.


Multiply sizes and formats, this will create volume effects. An important parameter for choosing your outdoor cushions: their material. They should preferably be waterproof, UV resistant to avoid discoloration, and easy to clean. It is with this in mind that COZIP has created a complete range of outdoor cushions, in different formats, colors and patterns.

To place on your outdoor beds, on your sofas or on the floor, these are essential elements of your decoration... and your comfort!


5. Accessorize your spaces

Last touch to finalize your outdoor space: accessories.

Let's start with the carpets : it’s the “little extra” decor. We advise you to place one or more to highlight and accentuate the style, and to warm up the atmosphere. Don't forget to opt for a special outdoor rug for a long lifespan.

In addition, do not hesitate to multiply the touches of light , preferably subdued, favoring warm colors, we avoid the “hospital” bench! Garlands, lanterns, candles... the lights will allow you to make summer evenings last comfortably seated!

And finally, give a touch of greenery to your outdoor spaces, especially for balconies and terraces, by adding potted plants . Take advice from a professional to make your selection: maintenance-free plants (such as oleander, aromatic herbs, lavender, etc.), plants exposed to the sun (such as lilies, geraniums, rose bushes, etc.).


ELITIS carpets

6. Protect yourself from the sun

To bring shade to your spaces, opt for one or more parasols in sober or colorful tones, the choice is yours! You will need to determine its shape: round, square or rectangular and choose its protection index. Consider adding a slab for better wind resistance.

Another idea, the shade sail, a nice alternative to the parasol, bringing lightness and reinforcing the idea of ​​a “cocoon”.


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Once the layout has been completed, it’s time for the final step; enjoy ! With your new cocooning space, you are so comfortable at home that you no longer want to go out.

Reading, lunch, aperitif, rest... alone, with family, with friends, you are ready to enjoy your outdoors!

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